This was the Anton Spaargaren Flower Show 2017. Thank you all for visiting. We hope that you are inspired by all the different flower types and decorations we showed you! Special thanks to Vase The World,    Christa Snoek  & BBQ Friday.


Flower Show
The Flower Show at Anton Spaargaren is the perfect moment to let yourself be suprised by the newest flower types and typical Dutch flower decorations. Next to this the flower show gives you ofcourse the opportunity to meet old friends en make new ones.

The special flower days calender 2018

The special flower days calender 2018 is now available. Check it here.


The export of flowers and plants was in the first eight months of 2017 higher than ever before. Until august Holland exported already more than 4,2 milliard euros.

The border of 4 milliard euros was never exceeded so early in the year, according to branch organisation VGB.

The export of flower and plants shows a steady growth

The Dutch export of flowers and plants increased in the first six months of 2017 with 6,5% up to 3,4 billion. In June the export value was similar to last year, but in England and France turnover declined.

The Day of the intern

Yesterday was the day of the trainee. On this day various interns are evaluated on the basis of skills and personality. At this moment there are 2 interns working in our growing flower export company Anton Spaargaren.

New introduction: White Soda+ & Lovelace+

Arend Roses will be launching two new large-flowered quality roses in week 21: White Soda+ & Lovelace+ from breeder Dümmen Orange.

The White Soda+

The White Soda+ stands for that 1950s feeling of unlimited possibilities.

Keukenhof Garden

People who are crazy about flowers should definitely visit  the  number one place to view flowers: Keukenhof Garden. Keukenhof is the largest garden in the entire continent, complete with 7 million bulbs of 800 different kinds of flowers.

Company Tour

We at Anton Spaargaren love to show our interesting company to the young professionals and to learn them everything about the flowerbusiness. Last week the students of the Wellant-college in Aalsmeer did visit our company.

Non-auction days 2017

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More news:

Dutch elections: Rutte to become first, Wilders second January exports exceed 400 mln

Dutch elections: Rutte to become first , Wilders’ second

After months of campaigning, debating and flyering, Dutch politicians fought their final battle yesterday during election day. With a turbulent week in which diplomatic ties with Turkey were pressured heavily still fresh in mind, it was up to the Dutch population to show the political direction it wants the country to go to.

January exports exceed €400 mln

Flower exports have started off the new year with a new export record: total export value of flowers and plants exceeded €400 mln in January, BPNieuws reports.

An increase of  14 per cent in fresh cut flower exports was the main driver for this record, which equalled €271 mln.

National tulips day 2017!

Tomorrow, Saturday the 21st of January 2017, the start of the Dutch tulip season will be kicked off at Amsterdam’s most famous square; Dam Square. 

Traditionally, Dam Square will be decorated will hundreds of thousands of tulips, which are free to take for everyone.

Netherlands agricultural exports break record

Dutch exports of  agricultural products exceeded €85 bn. in 2016; a 4.4% increase compared to 2015 according to the Dutch ministry of Economic Affairs. The export of agricultural materials, knowledge, and technology equalled €9 bn.

Anton Spaargaren presents: The New Year’s raffle!

This year, your New Year’s resolution may last even shorter than it has in previous years. In Anton Spaargaren’s New Year’s raffle the book ‘Stuff Dutch People Eat’ will be given away.

Thank you for visiting Flower Event 2016!

Watch the Flower Event 2016 film and book your tickets for Flower Event 2017!

Flower Event 2017 is from Monday November 6 till Friday November 10.





Visit our Flower Event | October 31-November 4

More than 100 special Dutch & global cut flowers

We would love to welcome you to our Flower Event 2016! Visit our house show with more than 100 special Dutch & global cut flowers.

Dutch economy to grow by 1.7% in 2017

The King and Queen during the speech from the throne. During Prinsjesdag more than 3,000 dahlias, asters and gladiolus are used for decoration. These flowers go to nursing homes afterwards. (Source: ANP)

During ‘Prinsjesdag’, traditionally celebrated on the third Tuesday of September, King Willem-Alexander held the annual speech from the throne.

Save the date: Flower Event 2016

We would love to welcome you to our Flower Event 2016! Visit our house show with more than 100 special Dutch & global cut flowers.

October 31-November 4, 9.00-17.00 hrs.

Open sollicitatie

Jong talent en gemotiveerde, deskundige, enthousiaste medewerkers zijn altijd welkom bij Anton Spaargaren. Die bieden we graag een boeiende werkkring met interessante doorgroeimogelijkheden. Dus als jij onze organisatie wilt komen versterken, willen wij dat graag weten.

Non Auction Days

The Flower Auction and Anton Spaargaren will be closed on the following national holidays: Friday 25 December 2015 (Christmas) Thursday 31 December 2015 and Friday 1 January 2016 (New Year) Monday 28 March 2016 (Easter) Wednesday 27 April 2016 (King’s Day) Thursday 5 May 2016 (Ascension Day) Monday 16 May 2016 (Pentecost) Monday 26 December 2016 (Christmas)

Our sales teams will contact you about alternative shipping dates.

Visit our Flower Event


We would love to welcome you to our Flower Event 2015! Visit our house show with more than 100 special Dutch & global cut flowers.

Flower Event: 2-6 november, 9.00-17.00 hrs, Anton Spaargaren, Cotoneaster 20, De Kwakel Field trip to Sonneveld Hydrangea & Ben van der Kooij cymbidium, including live demo by Anton van Duijn, finalist of TV show “Holland’s Best Flower Stylist”.

Blooming bulb business

Yes, it’s that time of the year again. The time when the ‘dune & bulb region’ turns into the most colorful area in the world. When the air is heavy with the scent of hyacinths, narcissus and tulips.

Flower Mania in The City of Flowers

The city of Haarlem (close to Amsterdam) is generally know as the ‘City of Flowers’ because it used to be the centre of the tulip trade in the 17th century. Nowadays, there is no doubt where the real centre of tulip trade is located: here at Anton Spaargaren of course.


A new development at the Flora Holland auctions:
From today, the buyer’s card numbers will in several steps become invisible to the other customers.
This measure gives more privacy to the customers and on top of that should generate a stabler market.

Passionate about Garden Roses

This week Jose Azout, owner of Alexandra Farms in Colombia​, came to our company and passionately spoke about his exceptional garden roses. He emphasized the right treatment of these delicate garden roses and David Austin Roses​.

Echeveria Mexican style

Hola amigos,

A rare and beautiful sight:

Echeveria Mexicana as cutflower, almost the size of a sombrero!

Diameter is indeed 25cm.
Muchas Gracias!

It takes several years before they get this big, therefore limited available.

Love is in the air

Quite literally, with a drone that spreads love like Cupido. Cupidrone flies through the air searching for couples to drop a red rose in front of them so they can express their love to each other.

Dessert for Valentine

Valentine in The Netherlands is a still increasingly hot event.
Supermarkets, retailers and restaurants make all efforts into making it a commercial succes.
And quite succesfull they are, as the average Valentine expenses of the Dutch is about 65,00 Euro.


Last week, the 33rd edition of the IPM was held  in Essen, Germany.
Over 55000 visitors from all over the world attended this leading horticultural fair.
Three staff of AntonSpaargaren were present as well.

Early visit spring?

With 10 degrees outside in the second week of Januari, we don’t have much of a winter yet.
And another sign of early spring: Fritillaria Birdegg already in supply!
Length is 25cm, and it’s uniquely shaped dotted petals are looking excellent.


We at Anton Spaargaren wish you a prosperous, healthy and ambitious 2015!

Non-Auction days 2015


Auctioning does not take place on the national holidays listed below (all FloraHolland locations):

2015 Day Date Week New Year’s Eve 2014 Wednesday 31 December 1 New Year’s Day 2015 Thursday 1 January 1 Easter Monday Monday 6 April 15 King’s Day Monday 27 April 18 Ascension Day Thursday 14 May 20 Whit Monday Monday 25 May 22 Christmas Day Friday 25 December 52 New Year’s Eve Thursday 31 December 53 New Year’s Day 2016 Friday 1 January 53

The auction in Eelde in week 53 of 2015 will be held on Wednesday, December 30.


In this greenhouse, no flowers will be grown.
From this glass house three DJ’s will for six days long, without food, broadcast songs on their listeners’ request, who pay a small amount of money to hear their favorite song.

Highest temperatures ever

The year 2014 will become the warmest year in The Netherlands ever recorded since 1706.

As our loyal customer, you already noticed the production of many flowers was unusually early this year, as well as the time of finishing.

Oudejaarsdag gesloten

Op oudjaarsdag – 31 december a.s. – is er geen veiling en is Anton Spaargaren gesloten. Voor verdere vragen, neem contact met uw verkoper.

December Dutch “party-month”

Monday December 1st, the first day of our national “party-month”!  As in most countries the Dutch celebrate X-mas, but we celebrate Sinterklaas as well, a big event especially for the children.

Nieuwe website online!

Onze nieuwe website is online. Wij hopen dat de nieuwe functionaliteiten en het design u aanspreken!